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  • What if 90 minutes recording time isn't enough?
    We will make sure you are fully prepared and confident before you step into the studio. We find that 90 minutes is plenty to get the best read but keep it fresh. However, on occasion, where an actor may require more coaching, we may need to reduce the number of tracks in order to maintain the quality of the reel.
  • Can you get me work as a VoiceOver artist?
    We are not affiliated to any agents or Voiceover platforms and do not represent the artists we work with. We therefore do not have access to job opportunities, however we can discuss the various avenues of seeking work whilst you are working with us or attending one of our workshops.
  • Can I record more than 8 tracks?
    8 tracks is the industry standard and this is what we put on our reels. Any subsequent scripts you wish to record will be charged at a pro-rata hourly rate which we can discuss with you at your consultation.
  • Will I get a rehearsal ahead of the studio session?
    Absolutely! We will ensure you are ready to go, making the studio session enjoyable, relaxed and a chance to play with some studio techniques.
  • Can I share a session?
    We want to make sure we give each client our full attention and focus, therefore, we do not have more than one client per recording session.
  • Do you do a student discount?
    No we don't. We give each client the same amount of time, care and attention and, therefore charge the same. We do offer an Equity discount for Coaching sessions, as well as a discount for 3 or more coaching sessions, but this is for everyone not just students.
  • Can I bring my own scripts?
    You are welcome to bring any scripts you feel suit you. At the first consultation we will discuss together what combination of scripts work and pick the best for your voice.
  • Can you listen to my current reel and give me feedback before I book a new one?
    We are very happy to listen to previously recorded material ahead of your consultation and offer feedback within the session. If you feel like you need feedback before booking a demo reel then you can book a 30 minute Industry Consultation where we will give focused feedback and discuss options for new tracks and brands.
  • Can you get me an agent?
    We can't guarantee you will get an agent. However we will do everything we can to give you a reel that shows your voice off and gives you the best chance to get representation. We will also advise you as to what to do to get your reel out there after it is made.
  • Who will be in the studio with me?
    Our goal is to prep our Clients to work professionally beyond their demo reel, and to be able to work remotely should they wish to explore having a home studio. Therefore, one of our highly skilled sound engineers will be at the studio with you and Ruth/Katie will join the session remotely. This gives the artist a 'real-life' experience where often an agency or brand gives feedback remotely, via the headphones. We support the artist to ensure they are comfortable working this way and thoroughly guide them with studio technique. Our demo reel sessions have often been compared to a Masterclass! If, however, you have access requirements or a need to have us there in person please do mention this in your Consultation.
  • What if I need to rearrange the recording session?
    We understand actors’ lives are varied and flexible, jobs come up and auditions can be very last minute. We will always do our upmost to reschedule the session if necessary, however due to studio policy we have a 48-hour cancellation period. If you cancel within this time you will forfeit your deposit.
  • What if I have a home studio or access to another studio?
    We can provide a full reel package if you have you have a home studio however a studio sound test is required to check the quality. If you have access to an alternative studio and technician we offer a directing only service for a fee of £95 per hour plus travel. We can also direct you remotely if your engineer can facilitate this.
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