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Full Webinar

Full Webinar

Full webinar

Our Voiceover Crash Course webinar is perfect for those starting out in the industry and focuses on working in Commercials. It is included for free in our Voiceover Crash Course LIVE session - for next available dates click here.

Alternatively, you can purchase the 'webinar only' and  join a Crash Course session at a later date when you feel ready.


This 30 minute on-demand resource covers important topics that will help you better understand your voice and how to use it effectively. Practical exercises are included and with no expiry, purchasing it will mean you can easily refer back to the Webinar for guidance time and time again.

Topics included:


  • Understanding voice quality and character.

  • What you should put on a voice reel, and why.

  • Vocal awareness and physiology of the voice.

  • RVL's S.M.I.L.E theory for professional microphone technique.

  • Developing an objective approach to pitch, pace and personality.

  • Bringing scripts to life with an effective delivery

  • Approaching agents

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