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Reel Samples

Both Ruth and Katie are actors and have over 20 years of experience between them voicing numerous adverts, documentaries, video games and corporate reads. Katie's recent clients include Gala Bingo, Tassimo and Sky Mobile and Ruth (you may recognise) as the familiar long-standing voice of EE Mobiles and now the voice of BT.


We met on a production at the National Theatre in 2011 and when other actors asked us for advice on the industry and how to get the best out of their reels, the seeds of Reel Voices London were sown. Since launching RVL we have directed hundreds of clients' reels and deliver training to numerous drama schools.  

Our mission is to provide you with a professional Demo Reel that reflects your natural voice whilst ensuring you have an informative, relaxed and fun studio experience.

We believe having a career in voiceover isn't just about having a good voice reel, it's also about knowing who you are and what you have to offer the industry. 


Our approach is artist focused, in other words we help you identify your strengths and career goals in VoiceOver and tailor a reel accordingly. We want to give you the best opportunity to approach agents and find work in the voice over world.

The industry is continually moving and changing and to help you keep up and stay focused we offer a variety of training opportunities via our program of Workshops.

And if you feel like you need some Coaching before you get a reel made then let us know how we can help.

Click through our samples to hear a variety of voices - and read what our Client's say about us too. 

Our Demo Reels are curated in line with a Client's vocal skills and ambition, whilst staying true to their natural voice. We typically advise a reel that is made up of Adverts and narration but we can help you with character and animation tracks as well as audiobooks and continuity/promo reads. 


Voice Reels

Script Consultation

Recording & Studio Time

We will have an indepth chat about you and your voice and what you would like to include on your voice reel. We will discuss the brandability of your voice and what is a natural fit. 


We believe the best voice reels show a SPECTRUM of VOICE QUALITY. By this we mean using a variety of scripts to show the light and shade of your voice, once a listener has heard one 'up-beat salesy ad' they don't need to hear another one. We will ensure that your voice reel reflects the right amount of variety. 


We work with you collating scripts and make sure you have them well in advance of the session. We will  organise a phone rehearsal with you a few days before the recording so we can make sure that all parties are happy before we step inside the studio.

You will have a 90 minute recording slot in a London Recording Studio (or your home studio) with one of our brilliant professional technicians. For Starter Reels the recording time is 45 minutes.


Why 90 minutes?

We find this is ample time for recording. We would have ensured your scripts are practiced before hand in a phone rehearsal so you can enjoy playing with alternative read options in the studio session.


Using a number of jingles and any necessary effects the technician will do all the post production to leave you with a professional voice reel of 8 tracks and a montage.

One Off Tracks & Amendments

You may wish to update your voice reel or record a single track and we are happy to help. We will consult with you on the appropriate scripts for what you want to achieve, source the jingles and complete all post-production. Sessions can be booked in 30 minute blocks, it's your time just let us know how you'd like to use it.

Reel Feedback or

Industry Consultation


We will listen to your existing reel and offer detailed feedback by email. Or if you want to know where to start your voice over career, or how to place yourself in the market, we offer a 30 minute industry consultation by Zoom.

Please make an enquiry for these services. 



Woman 20's Irish - Warm, Friendly, Accessible
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Man 20's Scottish - - Natural, Warm, Smooth
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 30's RP - Sexy, Husky, Smooth
00:00 / 00:00
Man 40's Essex - Friendly bloke, Easygoing, Amused
00:00 / 00:00
Man 20's Newcastle - Friendly, Bright, Everyman
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 20's N. Irish - Bright, Upbeat, Full of enery, Natural
00:00 / 00:00
Man 30's London - Cheeky, Blokeish, Warm
00:00 / 00:00
Man 20's- - Smooth, Warm, Urban
00:00 / 00:00
Man 50's Midlands - Earthy, Deep, Relaxed
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 30's RP - Smooth, Natural, Friendly
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 20's RP - Bright, Clear, Friendly
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 40's RP - Warm, Light Husky, Corporate
00:00 / 00:00
Female Video Game Sample -
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Male Video Game Sample -
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& Coaching

Katie and Ruth have been running workshops for several years with fantastic feedback (please see our Testimonials). Specifically designed to help you find your feet in voice over before investing in a demo reel (or expensive equipment!) 

We run our very own in-house Zoom Program, all you need to participate is a laptop/phone/tablet and decent wifi signal.  

Click here for workshop Ts&Cs


Voiceover Crash Course (£50)

8th June 6-8pm

Book Here

Our very popular Crash Course provides industry-ready skills and key tools for the actor who wishes to work in commercial voice over. Using scripts and a stash of mic techniques, we will help you identify and embrace your natural voice quality and character and leave you feeling more confident about creating a cracking demo reel as well as approaching agents and working with the client in the studio. 

Audiobook Workshop (£50)

14th June 7-9pm

Book Here

This 2 hour informative and fun entry level workshop gives you a toolbox of audiobook skills in order to become a successful narrator. Using a variety of exercises from basic microphone technique to sight reading skills, as well as 1 on 1 feedback, you will come away with a greater understanding in how to lift the words from the page and feel more prepared for the studio.


Auditioning for Video Games Workshop (£50)

5th July 7-9pm

Book Here

For the actor who is confident behind the mic but is interested in exploring their vocal range of accents, placement, tone, pitch and tempo to really bring characters to life. Whilst exploring a mixture of scripts with feedback this 2 hour workshop will give you tangible practical skills to hit the ground running with video game auditions and deliver memorable, effective character work for that next video game booking. 



Voiceover Advanced Workshop (£50)

18th May 6-8pm

Book Here

An essential VoiceOver skill lies in being able to make quick decisions when delivering Cold Reads - scripts you have had very little time to breakdown. In a small group setting we will explore a multitude of script scenarios to encourage participants to get out of their comfort zones and be playful and open when tackling Cold reads. You will come away with a greater understanding of your own vocal versatility, as well as how to break down texts and shape the read appropriately.

This workshop is specifically aimed at people who have attended the Crash Course or are experienced in voice over and subsequently have a grasp on their authentic vocal quality and character, but who would like to develop their training further.

Voiceover Workout  (£10)

Last Friday of every month 1-2pm

Book Here

Brush up on your voice over techniques with our new monthly Voice Over Workout! This fun and informal session gives you an opportunity to try out new scripts or rehearse an upcoming job. With a chance to practice in small peer breakout groups and with help and advice from Katie and Ruth, this workout will keep your voice over skills perfected. Bring 3 scripts of whatever you want to work on for some fun and practice!

One to One Coaching

Whether you are wanting to develop your vocal awareness or hone in on a particular VoiceOver skill, we tailor single or multiple sessions to suit your needs and goals.

We can help you achieve effective and professional delivery of Commercials, documentary, continuity, promo & legals, video game characters, and audiobooks.. 

Check out our Price List and use our Contact page for all Coaching enquiries. 

No recording equipment is necessary. 


Drama Schools & Industry Training

Ruth and Katie facilitate the BBC Carlton Hobbs Team Entry for Mountview as well as deliver their 3rd Years and postgrads Voiceover Training.

For drama schools and education providers we tailor our sessions to utilize and expand the training you already provide for your students, with a goal to transfer tangible and direct skills born from our own experience in the industry. Please contact us with your requirements.

Clients include Mountview Academy of Performing Arts, Drama Studio London and Arts Ed, Hull University, The Actors Centre, BECS.

Setting up a Home Studio

We only provide home studio set up advice to client's wishing to have a reel made with RVL following a Script consultation.

For advice check out Spotlight or boothjunkie.com and visit The Actor's Centre for workshops on this topic.

Workshop Terms and Conditions

Please be aware the following is required:

● A strong internet connection. Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). 

 ● A microphone – built-in to your computer/iPad/mobile or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth.

● A webcam, built into your device or attached by USB. 

We understand that things can be a little chaotic but please be aware that if you cancel less than 7 days before the workshop you can only be refunded if we are able to fill your place. If we don't fill the place then the booking can be used as credit to book a different workshop. With less than 72 hours notice, unfortunately no refund is offered. When buying a workshop you agree the above terms and conditions.


Price List

Prices listed are a guideline so please ask if you want something not listed. All prices include post-production.
8 track Demo Voice Reel

Our best value for money package - a combination of adverts, documentaries, promos, audiobook and character voices (determined by your skills and Voiceover goals). Includes a one hour Zoom consultation and a 30 minute phone rehearsal, we source/write scripts, direct and record your 90 minute studio session and do all the post production, emailing you all your tracks as MP3's plus a montage along with some follow up advice on what to do next.


'V/O Starter' 4 track Demo 

For the voiceover artist who is new to the industry and wants an affordable kickstart to their career. 3 commercials and one longer read (audiobook/documentary).  Includes a 30 minute Zoom consultation and a 20 minute phone rehearsal, we source/write scripts, direct and record your 45 minute studio session and do all the post production, emailing you all your tracks as MP3's plus a montage along with some follow up advice on what to do next.



Reel Updates

If you want to update your reel, or simply add a track or two, we offer 30 minute studio sessions, plus all post production.

Please email us with your requirements. Add a Coaching session if you feel you need guidance before the Recording.

From £200


Video Game Demo Reel

We can include a Character/Animation Track as one of your Demo tracks (maximum of 5 voices over 60 seconds) and you will need to provide the scripts for your character voices.  A script writing service is available for an extra fee, please enquire.

If you would like a reel (multiple lengthier tracks) specifically for Video Game and Character Voices we charge at an hourly rate.

From £250 per studio hour (4-6 tracks plus montage) Includes a 30 minute pre-recording Consultation/rehearsal 

Audiobook Demo Reel
We can include a single Audiobook read as one of your 8 tracks. 
If you would like a reel (multiple lengthier tracks) specifically for Audiobooks we charge at an hourly rate.

From £200 per hour (4-6 tracks). Add a Coaching session if you feel you need guidance before the Recording.

Voiceover Coaching

We offer a discount for Equity Members

One-to-one sessions | £90 per hour (£70 for Equity Members)

10% discount Block of 3 sessions* | £243 (£189 for Equity Members)

15% discount Block of 5 sessions* | £382.50 (£297.50 for Equity Members)

(*OFFER - You also receive £50 discount off an 8 track reel)

Reel Feedback or Industry Consultation

Send us your reel and receive feedback by email £30

30 minute industry consultation by Zoom  £30

Corporate/Drama School

Please enquire via our Contacts Page with your requirements.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and bespoke in providing training. Session lengths can be tailored to your existing timetable and learning outcomes. We can deliver sessions via an online platform such as Zoom/Skype/Teams etc and offer hourly rates as well as half day and full day delivery.


"I had the pleasure of working with Reel Voices London and what a delightful experience. Wonderful energy, fantastically professional and the sessions were, importantly, a whole bunch of fun! 
The bespoke scripts prepared for my demo were instrumental in getting signed to a London agency a week after completing my demo. Since, I've had the good fortune of working with a lovely range of clients. I do not think this would have been possible in quiet the same manner, had I not received such brilliant, detailed yet precise coaching and insight into the industry. Couldn't come with a higher recommendation."

Wesley Alexis-Nzinga

"My experience with recording remotely with reel voices London has been superb. Ruth’s enthusiasm and kindness is inspiring; she takes great care to provide a bespoke, tailored and unique script. I felt respected, valued and confident throughout the whole process. I would thoroughly recommend this outstanding voice reel company."

Claire Caverley

"Working with Reel Voices has been a brilliant experience. I’ve learnt lots of helpful techniques as well as industry knowledge that has left me feeling really well prepared for my reel and applying for jobs. Katie was amazing, I really appreciated the time she took to get to know my voice and personalise my scripts. I’d strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to get a reel done or develop VO skills" 

Eleanor Pead

It was a genuine pleasure working with Katie - everything was discussed and undertaken with supportive guidance.  Katie really took the time to understand me as a voice actor and curate the perfect reel script, and her guidance in rehearsal and on the day was given with care, kindness, and comprehensiveness - and humour!  The process was really structured and easy to undertake, and I'm really happy with the reel we've created. I feel excited and inspired for the future as a result of of Katie and David's work - thank you!

Matthew Peter-Carter

For our workshops...


"Katie and Reel Voices London, really know their stuff. If you are thinking of starting as a voice artist or have already started working in VO, Reel Voices London can help you up your game and get the best from your specific voice and know your own personal brand. Katie is so warm and encouraging but extremely insightful. I would 100% recommend working with Katie and Ruth, they have the experience and know how to lift your career to another level."

Victoria Ashford

"There are not words enough to express my sincere gratitude to both Ruth And Katie – I have never worked with such sublime professionals – who both show a level of passion about their work – which is rarely seen today.

I did several of their workshops before committing to having a voice reel made – as I had had my fingers burnt before.

However – I had nothing to worry about – as everyone is an individual to them – and each journey is unique to who you are. Scripts were tailored specifically around my voice – and they worked tirelessly to getting everything right before recording anything. Within hours of sending my recordings to some of the most amazing agents recommended by Ruth – I had email responses – and 3 days later am now being represented by my first choice!

I could not recommend both Ruth and Katie more highly – they have changed my life."

 Doreen Ingleton

Previous Clients...


"I had a fantastic time recording with Ruth at Reel Voices London,  she was slick, professional, knowledgable and encouraging and she really helped me understand exactly what I was selling and the best way to market myself!  I was over the moon when I discovered I had five offers from different voice over agencies shortly after sending out my completed reel, and I'm proud to say I very recently signed on with my first choice!"

Rodney Gooden

"Ruth and Katie's warmth, patience and combined wealth of experience made for a first class experience that has seen me go from a total novice in the field, to a professional, working voice over actor in under 2 months. If you’re serious about doing this kind of work – I highly recommend getting Reel Voices London in your corner!"

Dino Fetscher 

"Ruth’s direction before hand and in the studio made the whole process so much fun and that must have come across in my reel because I started booking jobs almost immediately after I started sending it out. Within a month I booked my first video game and 6 months on and I’ve now worked with multinational brands like HSBC and Thermo Fisher Scientific and I’ve just signed with a London voice agency. You cannot go wrong with Reel Voices London - 10/10, highly recommend!"

Samantha Peters

"Working with Ruth has genuinely been the best. I am now signed to VoiceSquad, but I genuinely took a lot of pleasure in bringing those texts to life in the recording studio. Ruth makes you feel at ease and gives you the confidence you need to be relaxed but never in an indulging way. Super smooth, uncomplicated, no bullshit experience. Truly recommend it."

Carolina Santos


“ I couldn’t have chosen a better company to help me refresh my voice reel.  Katie was brilliant to work with and her advice, guidance and direction was fantastic.  Getting one-to-one support from an industry professional has been an inspiration – thanks!”

Dianne Rivers

" Ruth doesn't just help record your voice reel, she helped me form a believable and versatile mix of recordings to sell myself and realise my potential. I'm now happily signed with one of the best voiceover agents in the UK; QVoice and feel incredibly lucky I have this opportunity. I wouldn't have come this far without Ruth's support inside and outside the recording studio."

James Gladdon 

"It was a pleasure working with Reel Voices London; a personal, tailored experience that was like a masterclass as well as a demo recording. Highly recommend!" 

Gerard Monaco


" The whole process was a lot of fun, I had a great time in the recording studio working with the experienced team who I knew I could rely on to give great advice and made sure I was completely happy with my reel." 

Lynsey Mc Quaid

"Katie gave me such helpful and precise advice every step of the way. Having recently received my voice reel in all its glory , I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out and the email that followed gives me great tips on where I go next! Trust me, if you're looking to record a voice reel, then look no further than right here!" 

Katie Labey

"Ruth clearly and professionally worked out my casting and helped me choose the scripts to use.The recording process was a fun and professional experience which not only recorded my reel, but also gave me valuable coaching and insight into the recording process and industry. I would recommend RVL to anyone needing a new or refreshed voice reel." 

Michael Willoughby

"Working with Katie at RVL has been great, she helped me pin down and identify my voice type and provided material that really suited my style and tone. I also got good constructive feedback and coaching which got the best performance out of me for my voice reel along with some industry tips. I would definitely recommend going with RVL if you're thinking about getting a voicereel made."

Jay Ramji

"Katie Lyons and Ruth Gibson are a fabulous team, are authentic, enthusiastic and share practical skills to facilitate and create a first-class voice reel and move it forward. Katie chose the perfect scripts for my voice qualities and her knowledge of the business and advice were invaluable. I am thrilled with the results.These are extremely accomplished and gifted women that give terrific direction and instil confidence throughout the process.  I can not praise them enough."

Giselle Wolf

"Working with Katie at RVL has been immensely useful. The workshop and individual coaching sessions helped me to understand the techniques that make a good voice-over, and through rigorous practice gave me confidence in my new-found abilities. I was guided brilliantly through the studio recording, which meant that the work I did on my new voice reel was the best it could be. RVL provide exceptionally good practical and emotional support throughout the process. I'm really happy with the results!"

Silas Carson

"When deciding to invest in a professional demo, it was important to me to choose someone I'd worked with in a workshop context and a female who knew first hand what the demand for a voice like mine in the commercial industry might be. Katie and Ruth both fit the bill and the end result came across to agents as individualised and professional." 

Kim Hausler

"When I’ve talked to people about recording my reels with Ruth, the thing I consistently find myself saying is that the whole process felt extremely honest. I’m aware of how tough the situation can be for actors, but having these reels, and being happy to send them out as an example of what I can do, feels like a real (reel) weapon in my professional arsenal."

Tom Stoddart



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Do you do a student discount? 

No we don't. We give each client the same amount of time, care and attention and, therefore charge the same. We do offer an Equity discount for Coaching sessions, as well as a discount for 3 or more coaching sessions, but this is for everyone not just students. 

Can you get me an agent?

We can't guarantee you will get an agent. However we will do everything we can to give you a reel that shows your voice off and gives you the best chance to get representation. We will also advise you as to what to do to get your reel out there after it is made. 

What if 90 minutes recording time isn't enough?

We will make sure you are fully prepared and confident before you step into the studio. We find that two hours is plenty to get the best read but keep it fresh. However, on occasion, where an actor may require more coaching, we may need to reduce the number of tracks in order to maintain the quality of the reel

Can I record more than 8 tracks?

8 tracks is the industry standard and this is what we put on our reels. Any subsequent scripts you wish to record will be charged at an hourly rate which we can discuss with you at your consultation.

Can I bring my own scripts?

You are welcome to bring any scripts you feel suit you. At the first consultation we will discuss together what combination of scripts work and pick the best for your voice.  

What if I have a home studio or access to another studio?

We can provide a full reel package if you have you have a home studio however a studio sound test is required to check the quality. If you have access to an alternative studio and technician we offer a directing only service for a fee of £75 per hour plus travel.

We can also direct you remotely if your engineer can facilitate this.

What if I need to rearrange the recording session?

We understand actors’ lives are varied and flexible, jobs come up and auditions can be very last minute. We will always do our upmost to reschedule the session if necessary, however due to studio policy we have a 48-hour cancellation period. If you cancel within this time you will forfeit your £200 deposit. 

Can I share a session?

We want to make sure we give each client our full attention and focus, therefore, we do not have more than one client per recording session.




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Reel Voices London is a sole trader business providing entertainment services. It is not a limited company.


The law on data protection, based on the General Data Protection Regulation and formerly the Data Protection Act, sets out a number of different reasons for which a company may collect and process data. If you have booked us to provide the service of building a voice reel or running a workshop then we will need your contact details for example you phone number or email address.


In specific situations, we require your data to pursue our legitimate interests in a way which might reasonably be expected as part of running our business and which does not materially impact your rights, freedom or interests. For example if we have worked for you before we may use your address details to send you direct information telling you about our services that we think my interest you.


We collect personal data

• When you visit our website

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For a booking or enquiry we collect your name, number and email address. Details of your interactions with us such as with our website, email and social media.  Copies of documents you provide us or signed contracts. Payment information. Your social media username, if you interact with us through those channels, to help us respond to your comments, questions or feedback.


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