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Voiceover Crash Course 10th November 6-8pm

Auditioning for Video Game Workshop 24th November  2-4pm

An Intro to Narrating Audiobooks 7th December 2-4pm

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About Us

Who We Are

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Why Choose Us

Reel Samples

Both Ruth and Katie are actors and have over 20 years of experience between them voicing numerous adverts, documentaries, video games and corporate reads. Katie's recent clients include Gala Bingo, Tassimo and Sky Mobile and Ruth (you may recognise) as the familiar long-standing voice of EE Mobiles.


We met on a production at the National Theatre in 2011 and when other actors asked us for advice on the industry and how to get the best out of their reels, the seeds of Reel Voices London were sown. Since launching RVL we have directed hundreds of clients' reels and deliver training to numerous drama schools.  

Our mission is to provide you with a professional Demo Reel that reflects your natural voice whilst ensuring you have an informative, relaxed and fun studio experience.

We believe having a career in voiceover isn't just about having a good voice reel, it's also about knowing who you are and what you have to offer the industry. 


Our approach is artist focused, in other words we help you identify your strengths and career goals in VoiceOver and tailor a reel accordingly. We want to give you the best opportunity to approach agents and find work in the voice over world.

The industry is continually moving and changing and to help you keep up and stay focused we offer a variety of training opportunities via our program of Workshops.

And if you feel like you need some Coaching before you get a reel made then let us know how we can help.

Click through our samples to hear a variety of voices - and read what our Client's say about us too. 

Our Demo Reels are curated in line with a Client's vocal skills and ambition, whilst staying true to their natural voice. We typically advise a reel that is made up of Adverts and narration but we can help you with character and animation tracks as well as audiobooks and continuity/promo reads. 


Voice Reels

Script Consultation

Recording and Studio Time

We will have an indepth chat about you and your voice and what you would like to include on your voice reel. We will discuss the brandability of your voice and what is a natural fit. 


We believe the best voice reels show a SPECTRUM of VOICE QUALITY. By this we mean using a variety of scripts to show the light and shade of your voice, once a listener has heard one 'up-beat salesy ad' they don't need to hear another one. We will ensure that your voice reel reflects the right amount of variety. 


We work with you collating scripts and make sure you have them well in advance of the session. We will  organise a phone rehearsal with you a few days before the recording so we can make sure that all parties are happy before we step inside the studio.

You will have a 90 minute recording slot in a London Recording Studio (or your home studio) with one of our brilliant professional technicians


Why 90 minutes?

We find this is ample time for recording. We would have ensured your scripts are practiced before hand in a phone rehearsal so you can enjoy playing with alternative read options in the studio session.


Using a number of jingles and any necessary effects the technician will do all the post production to leave you with a professional voice reel of 8 tracks and a montage.

One Off Tracks / Amendments

You may wish to update your voice reel or record a single track and we are happy to help. We will consult with you on the appropriate scripts for what you want to achieve, source the jingles and complete all post-production. Sessions can be booked in 30 minute blocks, it's your time just let us know how you'd like to use it!


Please make an enquiry for this service and we can discuss availability and prices. 



Woman 20's Irish - Warm, Friendly, Accessible
00:00 / 00:00
Man 20's Scottish - - Natural, Warm, Smooth
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 30's RP - Sexy, Husky, Smooth
00:00 / 00:00
Man 40's Essex - Friendly bloke, Easygoing, Amused
00:00 / 00:00
Man 20's Newcastle - Friendly, Bright, Everyman
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 20's N. Irish - Bright, Upbeat, Full of enery, Natural
00:00 / 00:00
Man 30's London - Cheeky, Blokeish, Warm
00:00 / 00:00
Man 20's- - Smooth, Warm, Urban
00:00 / 00:00
Man 50's Midlands - Earthy, Deep, Relaxed
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 30's RP - Smooth, Natural, Friendly
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 20's RP - Bright, Clear, Friendly
00:00 / 00:00
Woman 40's RP - Warm, Light Husky, Corporate
00:00 / 00:00
Female Video Game Sample -
00:00 / 00:00
Male Video Game Sample -
00:00 / 00:00


& Coaching

Katie and Ruth have been running workshops for several years with fantastic feedback (please see our Testimonials). Specifically designed to help you find your feet in voice over before investing in a demo reel (or expensive equipment!) 

We run our very own in-house Zoom Program, all you need to participate is a laptop/phone/tablet and decent wifi signal.  

Click here for workshop Ts&Cs


Voiceover Crash Course (£50)

 10th November 6-8pm 

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Our very popular Crash Course provides industry-ready skills and key tools for the actor who wishes to work in commercial voice over. Using scripts and a stash of mic techniques, we will help you identify and embrace your natural voice quality and character and leave you feeling more confident about creating a cracking demo reel as well as approaching agents and working with the client in the studio. 

Audiobook Workshop (£50)

7th December 7-9pm 

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This 2 hour informative and fun entry level workshop gives you a toolbox of audiobook skills in order to become a successful narrator. Using a variety of exercises from basic microphone technique to sight reading skills, as well as 1 on 1 feedback, you will come away with a greater understanding in how to lift the words from the page and feel more prepared for the studio.


Auditioning for Video Games Workshop (£50)

 24th November 2-4pm

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For the actor who is confident behind the mic but is interested in exploring their vocal range of accents, placement, tone, pitch and tempo to really bring characters to life. Whilst exploring a mixture of scripts with feedback this 2 hour workshop will give you tangible practical skills to hit the ground running with video game auditions and deliver memorable, effective character work for that next video game booking. 


One to One Coaching

Check out our Price List and use our Contact page for all Coaching enquiries. We can tailor a single session or a program of sessions to help you reach your voiceover goals. 

No recording equipment is necessary. 


Drama Schools & Industry Training

Ruth and Katie facilitate the BBC Carlton Hobbs Team Entry for Mountview as well as deliver their 3rd Years and postgrads Voiceover Training.

For drama schools and education providers we tailor our sessions to utilize and expand the training you already provide for your students, with a goal to transfer tangible and direct skills born from our own experience in the industry. Please contact us with your requirements.

Clients include Mountview Academy of Performing Arts, Drama Studio London and Arts Ed, Hull University, The Actors Centre, BECS.

Setting up a Home Studio

We only provide home studio set up advice to client's wishing to have a reel made with RVL following a Script consultation.

For advice check out Spotlight or and visit The Actor's Centre for workshops on this topic.

Workshop Terms and Conditions

Please be aware the following is required:

● A strong internet connection. Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). 

 ● A microphone – built-in to your computer/iPad/mobile or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth.

● A webcam, built into your device or attached by USB. 

We understand that things can be a little chaotic but please be aware that if you cancel less than 7 days before the workshop you can only be refunded if we are able to fill your place. If we don't fill the place then the booking can be used as credit to book a different workshop. With less than 72 hours notice, unfortunately no refund is offered. When buying a workshop you agree the above terms and conditions.


Price List

Prices listed are a guideline but we appreciate everyone's requirements are different so just ask if you want something not listed. All prices include post-production.
8 track Demo Voice Reel
Our best value for money package. Includes a one hour Zoom consultation and a 30 minute phone rehearsal, we source/write scripts, direct and record your 90 minute studio session and do all the post production, emailing you all your tracks as MP3's plus a montage along with some follow up advice on what to do next.

£500 (no hidden extras) 


Reel Updates and amendments

If you want to update your reel, or simply add a track or two, we offer 30 minute sessions from £200, including all post production.

Please email us with your requirements. Add a Coaching session if you feel you need guidance before the Recording.


Video Game Demo Reel
We can include a Character/Animation Track as one of your 8 tracks (maximum of 8 voices over 90 seconds), however you will need to provide the scripts for your character voices.  If you would like a reel (multiple lengthier tracks) specifically for Video Game and Character Voices we charge at an hourly rate.

From £250 per studio hour (4-6 tracks plus montage) Includes a 30 minute pre-recording Consultation/rehearsal 

Audiobook Demo Reel